The Band


Andy Samtkragen - Vocals

Andy Samtkragen

Some of the finest musical talent in the world can often be found busking on street corners. This surprising revelation is one that Silver Temple made when they brought the wild street musician Andy Samtkragen on board as their lead vocalist. His vocal delivery boasts passion and authenticity, but also has hints of desperateness and urgency.

Samtkragen has previously been involved with Dread Konfusion, Topping Of Whipped Cream, Revolution, RightOn!, and Tonic Engine. He is known under the moniker of Inspektor Harti as well, with which he collaborates with a group of street musicians. Samtkragen’s main musical focus now is working with Silver Temple.


Stevierock - Guitar


Most fantastic guitar players build their passion on top of the classics. In the 1970s, StevieRock was introduced to Elvis and the world of rock and roll by his father. Over a decade later, 1986’s ‘5150,’ a Van Halen album, inspired StevieRock to become a musician himself. As an attendee of over two hundred shows, StevieRock has spent years observing, enjoying, and analysing other musicians. He now employs those experiences to infuse them into his own prowess as a musician and performer.

StevieRock has previously performed with Asskid, Red Pussy Liquors, and Evilfire.
He founded Silver Temple in 2015 to fully pursue his love for hard rock, heavy metal, and the blues. 

Big Doc Alex - Guitar

Big Doc Alex

Big Doc Alex is known for his virtuoso guitar style and his taste for excellent sound. Not only is he an integral part of Silver Temple’s instrumental performance, he’s also the technical backbone of the outfit. Big Doc Alex is responsible for recording the band’s upcoming EP, ‘MMXVI,’ due out this October, and he has previously founded bands such as RightOn! And Undentify.

Doomsday Dommen - Bass

Doomsday Dommen

One may not think that a hard rock bassist who goes by the name Doomsday Dommen would be classically trained. That is the case, however, and before picking up the bass, Dommen had a classical education in piano and singing. His style now is experimental, with a doom-like touch, making him a pivotal part of Silver Temple.

Tobey Zoso - Drums

Tobey Zoso

There are some elements of music that simply cannot be taught in a textbook or in a classroom. Tobey Zoso, a self-learned drummer, has a particularly special sense and feel for jamming with other musicians. He boasts fantastic drive on high tempo tracks, and he exhibits remarkable intensity in his performance. Prior to joining Silver Temple, Tobey Zoso worked with Big Doc Alex in the band RightOn!.